Friday, July 25, 2008

Tara Kirk Controversy in U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Disaster

It was bad enough that Tara Kirk missed her spot on the Olympic Swimming Team by 0.01 of a second, and worse still that one of the women who beat her -- Jessica Hardy -- might lose her berth due to a positive drug test (which she is appealing), but now the New York Times has dropped a bombshell:

According to Kirk, USA Swimming found out Hardy had failed a drug test last Monday. That is a crucial fact, because Monday was the deadline to submit team rosters for the 2008 Olympics.

If USA Swimming knew Hardy had failed a drug test, why didn't they submit Kirk's name as an alternate, in case Hardy lost her drug test appeal?

This will all be a moot issue if Hardy wins her appeal. But what if she doesn't? Then Kirk will be denied her Olympic dream because of a careless oversight. That would be very disappointing.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible, unconscionable bombshell verification. Information from the NY Times that we all feared. And as someone who had a loved one competing in the trials I am incensed that all of OUR U.S.A Swimming Oreganization would act so deliberately to deny not only Tara Kirk - but Lara Jackson in the 50 free - their rightful places on THEIR Olympic team if Ms. Hardy's appeals go nowhere. Which I fear they will - as there really is no "defense" as to banned substances being in her system. None.