Friday, July 25, 2008

Nathan Sturgis' loss is Dax McCarty's gain in the Beijing Olympics

Just a week ago, proud Olympic Soccer Team member Nathan Sturgis told the Salt Lake Tribune:

"It's a big honor [to play for Team USA in the Olympics]. I'm still trying to not get too far ahead of myself, because right now I'm still trying to stay healthy and play."

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that Surgis was not able to stay healthy enough for the Olympics. Because of a hamstring injury, he has been forced to step down from the Olympic Soccer Team. That's bad news for fans of Real Salt Lake --

-- but good new (kind of) for fans of FC Dallas. Dax McCarty (previously an alternate for the Olympic Team) will take Sturgis' place at the Beijing Olympics. Meanwhile, Michael Harrington of KC will move onto the alternate list.

It's heartbreaking to see an athlete miss out on their shot at the Olympics. Fortunately, though, the U.S. has a long list of talented reserves to choose from.

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