Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lewy Boulet "Warms Up" for the Olympic Marathon Event

How do Olympic marathon runners like Lewy Boulet prepare physically for their event? You cannot "practice" running the marathon every day. Even Olympic-level athletes could not tolerate that level of strain.

Marathon training is all about pacing. Lewy Boulet found the perfect warm-up for her Beijing marathon this past Sunday in California. The "Wharf to Wharf" is a 6-mile race. It is competitive, but not at the level of a marathon. And, with the Olympics a couple weeks away, it was "perfect timing" for Boulet.

Boulet ended up finishing second among the women, with a time of 31:03 (a tie for 25th overall). Not bad, considering the 6-mile isn't even her event.

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