Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where To Watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics on TV

For those of us who can't afford airfare to Beijing -- not to mention outrageously priced Olympic event tickets -- TV and internet access will be critical in September 2008.

NBC Universal has exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the U.S. This past week, General Electric, which owns NBC and has been considering selling it, announced that it will not sell NBC prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

So NBC will definitely be providing our coverage. NBC reportedly negotiated with the International Olympic Committee so that certain events (e.g., swimming and gymnastics) will be held during U.S. primetime (i.e., the evening hours), which is morning in Beijing.

There is no way of knowing yet which events will be shown in their entirety, which will be on network TV (as opposed to cable and pay-per-view), and which if any will be shown on-line. Stay tuned...

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