Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raynell Williams - Featherweight on U.S. Olympic Boxing Team

Raynell Williams is a featherweight boxer on the U.S. Olympic Team. He is 5' 6" and 125 pounds.

He began boxing in 2001, and trains at the Salvation Army Boxing Academy in his home town of Cleveland with coach Clint Martin. He has been the National Silver Gloves Champion twice.

In August 2007, in the tournament that served as trials for the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team, Raynell was matched agianst Hylon Williams, who had beaten Raynell in the Golden Gloves tournament only three months earlier. Raynell rose to the occasion and out-fought his opponent.

After winning a slot on Team USA, Raynell commented: "It means the world to me... It was a hard road to get here."

Before going to Beijing, Raynell Williams still must win an Olympic qualifying tournament.


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