Friday, August 8, 2008

U.S. Boxer Gary Russell Collapses -- Will Not Compete in Beijing Olympics

One of the U.S. Boxing Team's prime medal contenders, Gary Russell, has been forced to drop out of the Olympics for health reasons.

Last night, Russell was reportedly discovered unconscious in his dormitory room by roommate Luis Yanez. Russell had allowed himself to become dehydrated in preparation for his Friday-morning weigh-in, where his target weight was 119 pounds.

In the hot, China sun, Russell evidently over-did it. After collapsing, Russell was rehydrated. With the extra fluid weight, there was no longer any chance of meeting his weight requirement. Now, tragically, he will miss the Olympics.

Gary Russell, still shaken by the incident, stated:

I was willing to put my life on the line to make this happen. I was going to win this tournament. I was going to make sure that everyone back home knew that I had given my best and I gave it my whole effort. I look back at it and know I gave it 110 percent. I've been through [cutting weight] so many times I know the process. This time my body wouldn't do it. I just stood up and then I was looking at the ceiling.

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