Sunday, July 27, 2008

Team USA's Pollution-Fighting Masks

Two weeks ago, I published an interview excerpt in which U.S. Track & Field Coach Jeanette Bolden dismissed claims that Beijing's pollution would hamper Olympic athletes from America.

Stephen Fox, Managing Editor of the Santa Fe Sun New posted a comment in response, citing a Transworld News piece, calling for Olympic events to be moved to new locations with less pollution. His concern is that U.S. Olympic athletes will be killed or seriously injured by the pollution.

I don't know whether it is in response to Mr. Fox's efforts or not, but last week the media began reporting that Team USA is providing Olympic athletes with pollution-fighting air filtration masks to wear in Bejing. Initially, critics claimed the sight of U.S. athletes in masks would embarrass China.

Reportedly, though, only about 2% of the U.S. athletes are interested in wearing them. I very much doubt we will see athletes wearing them in the Opening Ceremonies. But you never know.

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