Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jerry Colangelo, Dwight Howard and the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team

Colangelo (chairman of the Phoenix Suns) is the architect behind the 2008 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team. We will be hearing a lot more about him as we get closer to the Beijing Olympics.

Cleveland's Plain Dealer ran a piece today about Colangelo's view of Olympic basketball player (and NBA star) Dwight Howard.

Colangelo is quoted as saying:

Dwight was so young when he came into the league, and he got incredible experience,... Each year, he's building on that experience.... But when you add the USA Basketball experience to that mix, it enhances his development considerably.

It's pretty obvious to me that I see great improvement since we started. He was one of the guys I wanted right from the get-go, based on not his ability at the moment but what I projected he might do a few years down the road. This young man has come an awful long way.

Let's hope the Dream Team has also come an awful long way since 2004, under Colangelo's direction.

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Justin said...

Colangelo has done a GREAT job bein in charge of everything!