Sunday, September 16, 2007

More About Jarrod Shoemaker's Triathlon Victory in Beijing

As reported, Jarrod Shoemaker won the first men's slot on the U.S. triathlon team.

The U.S. Olympic Team's official site reports that Shoemaker beat U.S. contender Hunter Kemper by only 13 seconds. Andy Potts was 22 seconds behind Kemper. With two slots still open on the team, both Kemper and Potts could potentially still go to the Olympics.

The site also quotes Shoemaker as saying:

“It’s pretty incredible. It hasn’t sunk in yet. I had a really good swim, and all six of us were in that front pack. I knew it would come down to the run, so I tried to stay safe on the bike... I knew the guys were going to be on. It was a tough, tough race. Everyone was out there going for it.”

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